How do you know if your business and data are really safe from an untimely disaster? How long can your business function without its data? 20 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours? What about a week? What would happen if a flood or fire hit your business? Could your business function if it lost some or all of its data, never to be retrieved again?

With SnapBack-up you will never have to worry again about your data being lost, your business being down, or waiting days for your tape to restore all of its data. With SnapBack-up we are able to restore your server within minutes of your server doing down. We can also bring your server and files up if you were affected by a natural disaster or theft so you can keep your business running.

Here are just a few SnapBack-up highlights:

  • Complete Server Backup: We will do a complete backup of your server (called a image or snapshot), not just the files.  As a result, we can restore your server in minutes not hours or days.
  • Backups as Frequent as Every 15 Minutes: We can back up your data as frequent as 15 minutes for complete data restoration.  Why take a chance on losing a whole day or more worth of data when you only backup overnight.
  • Cloud Storage: The encrypted image of your data is stored in the cloud as an offsite copy of your server.  In the event of a disaster, we are able to turn on the server image which allows you to work off the cloud until your server and/or place of business is restored.
  • Daily Data Verification: We check your backup every day, not weekly or monthly, confirming that your data is being backed up.  We just don't look at the logs. We turn on your backup image to ensure it is ready to and there is no data loss.
  • Backup Server: Your back up will be on a server that is ready to restore your image at a moment's notice.  Your business will continue to run even though your server is down waiting for repair.
  • Military Strength AES 256 bit Secure Storage and Off-Site Transfer: Your data is secure locally and when it is being transferred over the internet to the cloud storage.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management: We monitor your backups and backup server 24/7, making sure that it is running and ready when you need it.