Why We Are Different

Here are 8 reasons why we are different for your business:

  1. One Hour Response Time. Guaranteed. We will answer your phone call with a person, not a machine, and most times we can work on your problem right away.  If we are unable to work on your problem we guarantee that a technician will answer your computer IT support problem within 60 minutes or less.  If your call is not responded to in one hour, we’ll fix it for free.  No questions asked.
  2. Computer Repairs Completed in a Snap. You shouldn’t have to wait around for your computer to be repaired.  We understand how important your computer and your network are to you; that’s why we offer our remote support service.  We can securely access your computer network via the Internet so you don’t have to wait around for a technician to show up.  If we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician to perform the repair onsite – it’s that easy!
  3. Professional Work and Personal Service. We are not just IT guys - we’re small business owners too and we know what it takes to keep a small business going.   After taking the time to truly understand the needs of your business, we give you recommendations that help you reach your goals.  We help guide you in deciding what technology may be best for your business.  You will also LOVE that we provide resources that are typically available only to larger companies.  Why have just one computer guy, when you can have a team of IT experts working for you at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT person?
  4. We Don’t Speak Geek. Don’t worry there is no “geek speak” by our Snap IT support technicians.  We will answer any computer support and maintenance questions you have so you clearly understand.
  5. Proactive Maintenance Versus Reactive Response. Most computer service providers only react to emergencies, but many computer emergencies can be predicted and, in fact, prevented!  As a client, you will be assured that our specialists are performing routine, proactive maintenance measures, so that potential problems are resolved before they become a crisis to your business.  We like to work silently in the background, averting any issues before they arise.
  6. Vendor Relationships. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you should tackle technology issues by yourself.  Just call us, and we’ll get to the bottom of ANY technology problem.  We’ll get the contact information for your Internet provider, copier company, printer company, industry-specific software, phone vendor, etc. Then we’ll own the problem! Our clients love that we own these relationships and cut through all the red tape for them!
  7. Every Project Completed With Strict Accordance to Budget and Time Schedule. As your trusted company to perform network services, IT consulting or to complete a project, we won’t surprise you with unexpected charges.  We make no excuses.  We guarantee the completion of your IT support project ON BUDGET and ON TIME.
  8. Your Bill Will Be Accurate – That’s Our Promise. Every invoice from us is spelled out in detail and completely accurate.  We guarantee it.  There will be no billing surprises since your IT management services bill will be pre-approved by you.

We are proficient in Managed IT Services, IT Consulting and Computer Support serving businesses in Lancaster, West Chester, York and Harrisburg