New Security Breach Notification Laws: What You Need to Know

It’s Monday morning and one of your employees notifies you that they lost their laptop at a Starbucks over the weekend, apologizing profusely. Aside from the cost and inconvenience of buying a new laptop, could you be on the hook for bigger costs, and should you notify all your clients?

Maybe, depending on where you live and what type of data you had stored on that laptop.

Are You Performing Reverse Backups?

Here’s an important question for anyone using cloud applications to host important files and data:
Are you routinely downloading and backing up a copy of your files to your own servers? If not, you’re taking a BIG risk of losing all that data. By now you should know to backup the data on your PCs and server offsite to the cloud; but what you might not have considered is the practice of downloading your data from critical cloud applications as a security measure against that cloud provider closing their doors, losing your data or simply cutting you off.

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Shiny New Gadget Of The Month


About the size of a large thumb drive, the Roku Streaming Stick allows you to watch TV shows, games and movies on demand via the Internet on your TV.

The Streaming Stick costs around $99; for that price, you can create smart TV on the cheap.